My studio practice is multi-disciplinary: Painting, Drawing, Photography, and Digital Media. At the core of all these investigations is the search for a contemplation condition that is interior and spiritual. What I hope to achieve in the various mediums is a sense of the present that is highly experimental. This is a world that is essentially non-verbal but non-the-less real. In the paintings this takes the form of a highly articulated physical space that consists of multiple glazes that allows the viewer to see into the painting. This viewing “into” is similar to what it feels like to look into clear water. It’s a transparent viewing experience. In my drawings I achieve a similar sensation through the use of silverpoint on a clay-coated paper. This ancient technique creates a shallow yet physical space that is contemplative. My digital work has an extra level of complexity in that there is usually a figurative element. Photographing the reflection of a model that is standing in front of the painting produces the figurative image. The reflection is an ephemeral moment that is caught and held through a photograph. This photograph is then printed on canvas and painted with multiple glazes. The result is a photo-painting hybrid that is a contemplative reflection of a captured moment. In the end, I’m interested in the unity of all things held in the web of perceptual experience. Working within different mediums allows for a kind of cross checking of the essential core of my work.